Nature-Based Mindfulness

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Nature-Based Mindfulness

This six-week course will teach you how to take your mindfulness meditation practice off the cushion and into the natural world. With such busy lives, many of us find it hard or even unnatural to try to maintain a dedicated time each day to sit quietly on a cushion and meditate. The good news is that you can practice mindfulness while spending time in nature. This course will teach you how to develop a meditation practice that can be practiced while walking or sitting in nature where we can get away from the controlled and often distracting constructed world of our towns and cities. This course is perfect for someone who has a foundational understanding of mindfulness and meditation but who is ready to expand their horizons and their style of meditation practice.

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This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of all course concepts along with a structure to practice these key concepts throughout each week.

Special Offer – Mentored Cohort

April 29 to June 3 | 4:00 – 6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Offered online over Zoom for six weeks on Thursday evenings. To celebrate the first time offering of this course, you can save $100 with the coupon code SAVE100 when you enroll in the mentored cohort today. The students in this first mentored cohort will also get the prerecorded version of the course early this summer as well as a free All-Access Pass that will grant this cohort access to all 3 courses (currently under development) for one year.

Mentored Cohort Option

With our mentored cohort option, you receive access to the entire prerecorded course as well as the opportunity to attend the course with a community of students dedicated to living a more mindful life. Some of the deepest friendships come out of these practice groups while providing you with meaningful support in your learning. Students of the mentored courses receive direct teacher-led instructions that complement the material in the online course. Students will also be able to review each weekly class through a set of personalized recordings added to the course dashboard.