Meet the Teacher

Gary W. Sharlow

I bring experience, a dedication to personal growth, and a commitment to my own training.

Lived Experience

I started down my path of mindfulness over ten years ago and can say that it truly changed my life. I’ve been committed to it ever since.

Teacher Training

I’ve completed multiple long-term teacher training programs to hone my ability to speak to the concepts and techniques with skillfulness.

Commitment to Growth

I’m committed to my growth both as a teacher and as a student of mindfulness and believe that it makes me a better person and teacher.

Experienced Student

As a lifelong student myself, I am able to deeply understand the perspective of my students and how best to help them learn new skills.


Lifelong Learning

I’ve worked in the field of informal learning for over 15 years serving both in conservation ecology as well is in the area of mindfulness and meditation.

Teaching Excellence

I am strongly committed to continuing to hone my skills as a teacher so I can continue to develop teaching techniques that best serve my students.

Fresh Approach

There are many different ways to deepen one’s experience of mindfulness that goes well beyond the traditional modes of practice. I’m dedicated to teaching new techniques to help meet my students where they’re at.

Where I’ve Trained and Worked

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Awake in the Wild

Now Children

Mindfulness Training Institute

New York Insight Meditation Center

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

California Academy of Sciences

University of Connecticut

Sonoma State University